"Khori-Four? Khori-to-the-Fourth-Power? I’ve gotta admit, when I first peeped Khori⁴‘s stage name, the pronunciation had me perplexed. After experiencing his debut feature I’m none the wiser on the subject, but the song itself is so dope that I’m not in the mood to sweat the details."

- Richard Spadine, DJ Booth

"Blending experiences living in both St. Louis and Chicago, Khori⁴ speaks from a very distinctive place and makes his TSS introduction here now. Keep an eye out for more as he prepares to drop his debut EP, Paradox, this fall."

- Darius Sinclair, Smoking Section

"St. Louis Rapper Khori⁴ Permanently Plants Himself In Chicago" - "The superscript in his stage name, a reference to his several reincarnations as a musical artists over the last 14 years, promises his best sound yet. It's one that puts Khori⁴ in control of both the instrumentals and vocals on his tracks."

Katie Karpowicz, Chicagoist

"'In Seoul' established the fact that Khori⁴ and Supa Bwe work great together, but their newest collab, "Used To It," takes their energy to a whole another level and raises the bar on what we can expect from these two when they hit the studio together."

Pedro Gonzalez, PedroGNLZ

"Chicago artists Khori4 and Supa Bwe get robotic and bouncy in the new video for “Used to It.” Featuring laser eyes and multiple camera angles over a pounding beat (think Kanye's “Black Skinhead”), this is one to watch more than once. Directed by Austin Vesely." 

- NeonPajamas, Mishka

"Austin snapped on the video, but Khori and Supa absolutely kill it. They definitely found their pocket here, and brought a lot out of this track. Get used to it, I guess."

- Andrew Barber, Fake Shore Drive

"Just like that we get blessed with two new tracks from Khori⁴. There was no warning but we do have to let you know that both “Aqueducts” and “Clouds” are two real dope tracks."


"The progressing cut shows the diverse production capabilities of Supa Bwe and ZenZan, in addition to the skillful lyricism of Carl, Khori and Supa himself. This song strikes an eccentric chord while remaining relatable, in part due to the collaborative chemistry."

Sam Schmieg, Closed Sessions

"He’s a warm and sincere person, but also serious and soft spoken. He’s got a lot to say and does it most naturally over a good beat."

- Mama Sims, 1833

"Khori⁴ teams up with ShowYouSuck, just got done rocking the stage at Riot Fest, as he gets ready for the release of his debut EP for his new single “Black Guise” produced by Mulatto Beats."

B-EZ, Elevator

"Secondly, even though Khori⁴ is relatively new to our scene, he won’t be for long. I don’t want to give away too much- but Khori is going to make waves this summer with his new album and music videos."

-Tyler Gallagher, Four Stars Chicago

"Khori⁴ has teamed up with LOD’s ShowYouSuck and Hurt Everybody’s Mulatto Beats for a pretty cool new joint titled “Black Guise.”

- Pursuit of Dopeness

"Khori⁴ teams up with Austin Vesley for the visual to his track with Supa Bwe titled 'Used To It'."

- Prime Fortune